Archaeology, occasionally known as archeology, is the study of past human societies. This is usually done through the excavation and evaluation of the materials, culture, and other environmental data which has been unearthed and can include artifacts, architecture, fossils, and cultural landscapes. No longer just limited to characters in George Lucas movies, interest in architecture has been steadily growing. In the olden days, before the internet, the only true way to learn archaeology was through a dig or a visit to a museum. Nowadays, many archaeologists, students, and other experts keep a blog. To help you find them all more quickly, we have gathered them below in the top 50 archaeologist bloggers. Top Archeologist News Bloggers Get the latest updates on the world of archaeology in the below blogs.
    1. Science Daily This popular science site is updated dozens of times a day. With a special section just for archaeology news, you can choose from civilizations, lost treasures, and much more. Be sure not to miss the amazing images or videos. 2. National Geographic The leading publication features loads of online options, including those that focus on the ancient world. Choose from the latest headlines, popular stories, or news blogs. Best in photographs and leading archaeology stories are also available. 3. Discovery News The Discovery Channel is a leading source in science, including the world of archaeology. Visit to read about popular topics such as artwork, pyramids, and much more. Current popular entries include “Faces of our Ancestors” and “Zombiesat is Alive.” 4. Archaeology Visit here for the official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. The latest news is often included straight from the blog. You can also get a marketplace, TV options, and even free information. 5. Archaeology and Anthropology Get information on both these subjects with a quick visit to “The New York Times.” Multimedia entries on digs and unearthing history are not to be missed. They recently covered an estimation on cancer rates in ancient times. 6. CNN A leading news network, you can also learn about the latest archaeology findings here. Videos, images, and more are often included. You can also get related topics such as science, anthropology, and Egypt. 7. Archaeology Learn about the subject the international way with a visit here. “The Guardian” is a UK based paper and has more on the topic. You can also get blogs and headlines on many other related subjects. 8. Yahoo News Finally, if you want to get just the headlines and how recent they are, click here. It is the news feed for Yahoo and just the archaeology news. Headlines, a line or two, and link is what you will find.
Top Foreign Archeologist Bloggers Get archaeology from all over the world in the below blogs.
    9. The Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog As promised, this blog focuses on archaeology in Southeast Asia. Locations include Angkor, Indonesia, Laos, and many others. One of the latest posts is on the Hue Dynasty. 10. Alison in Cambodia She is a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Anthropology. Alison was in Cambodia from Jan-December 2008 working on PhD research in archaeology. What started as a way to connect with her family and friends has become a top archaeology blog. 11. It Surfaced Down Under Visit here for an archaeologist’s tracking of the primarily Southern Hemisphere illicit antiquities trade. Damien Huffer is an American PhD student at the Australian National University. His research interests include Southeast Asian archaeology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, and the design of learning games. 12. Archaeology in Europe News on every dig from Portugal to the Eastern bloc is featured here. You can also choose from tags such as Mesolithic and Neolithic. One of the most current entries is on an Ancient Roman Spa city. 13. Lapis Gabinus Stop here for the official blog of the Gabii Project. It is an archaeological initiative focused on the excavation, exploration, and documentation of the ancient city of Gabii, located to the east of Rome in central Italy. Stop by to read the latest happenings. 14. Archaeological Highlights Dzung Lam is a university lecturer from Hanoi, Vietnam. She often highlights findings and teachings from her location. You don’t have to speak Vietnamese to check out the blog, but it doesn’t hurt. 15. Calixtlahuaca Archaeological Project You don’t have to go overseas to find archaeology. This project is centered around a large urban center of the Matlatzinco culture, closely related to the Aztecs. More on the project and its findings are shared.
Top Cultural Archeologist Bloggers See how archaeology and culture combine by reading these blogs.
    16. Culture in Peril Nicholas has a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Studies from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. He devotes his blog to the discussion, interpretation, and analysis of ongoing cultural heritage issues. Archaeology and preservation are often the topics of choice. 17. Illicit Cultural Property This blog is about art, antiquities, and the law. Derek Fincham is a law professor studying art and how the two combine. A recent entry was on rules at the MoMA. 18. Searching for Authenticity Get Field Notes from a globalized and tribalized world here. Neil studied archaeology at Wesleyan University and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He now devotes his blog to certifying the authenticity of many artifacts, along with their cultural impact. 19. Looting Matters Stop here for discussion on archaeological ethics. The collecting of antiquities is often discussed. You can even get a related news feed in addition to the blog. 20. Cultural Heritage in Danger This is the blog of the non-profit organization SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone. Their focus is the merge concerning looting and the illicit antiquities trade. The law, thoughts, and more are all included. 21. Culturing Science Hannah Waters discusses science related thoughts and links on the blog. Her specialty is biology as relevant to earthly beings. The purpose of scientific research was the topic of a recent entry. 22. ARCA The Association for Research into Crimes against Art is a group dedicated to contemporary issues in art and crime. With many issues surrounding archaeology, they are well worth a look. You can also find loads more on the main site. 23. The Cultural Property and Archaeology Law Blog Kimberly Alderman is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School. She has a background in and passion for archaeology and enjoys traveling. Recent posts are on artifacts at Yale, heritage studies, and a recovered Native American knife. 24. Celtic Myth Podshow Why dig up ancient Celtic treasures when you can just hear about them? This blog and podshow devote themselves to sharing many ancient myths. Visit for the latest, or check out the archives.
Top Archeologist Individual Bloggers From archaeologists to students, these archaeology bloggers have loads to share.
    25. Archaeology Online This blogger started the first social network for archaeologists and is the listowner of several archaeology-oriented discussion lists. Anita also keeps a popular blog on archaeology that is useful for both experts and students. She even writes about educational items for archaeologists. 26. About Archaeology K. Kris Hirst was a working archaeologist in the American Midwest, Southwest and in Mexico before retiring in 2005 to write freelance science articles in archaeology. She is now obsessed with making archaeology available to the public and does so in a blog for 27. Aardvarchaeology Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist and blogger at Science Blogs. In addition to archaeology, items of political interest are also blogged about. Skepticism is also a subject of posts. 28. Archaeological Digs Paul McLerran writes about dig happenings worldwide. Also discussed are archaeological jobs, field schools, and other opportunities. Upcoming digs in the New Year are the topic of a recent post. 29. Publishing Archaeology This blog contains information and opinions on professional publishing issues in archaeology. Michael Smith is especially concerned with quality control, open access, and communication with other disciplines. Archaeology in Cuba was recently discussed. 30. Testimony of the Spade Magnus Reuterdahl is a Swedish archaeologist and osteologist. Most posts are connected to his work or interests in general such as Scandinavian archaeology, osteology, cultural heritage, literature, and so forth. 31. Middle Savagery Colleen Morgan is an archaeology PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Since that time, she has worked in Texas, Turkey, Jordan, Greece, Hawaii, and California, excavating sites 100 years old and 9,000 years old and anything in-between. Learn more with a read of the blog. 32. Cronaca Cronaca is a compilation of news concerning art, archeology, history, and whatever else catches the blog’s eye. David Nishimura is an art historian by training from the Institute of Fine Arts and is also a dealer and collector of old writing instruments. One of the latest posts was on living art. 33. The Distant Mirror Kevin Cullen is an archaeologist at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Discovery World connects innovation, science, technology, and the environment with exploration through interactive exhibits and experiential learning programs. The blog features more on how they do that. 34. Fagan Talk Born in England, Brian Fagan was trained in archaeology and anthropology at Cambridge University. He has done fieldwork in Central and East Africa before coming to the United States. He is currently writing a book about humans and a history of water. 35. Old Dirt, New Thoughts This blog stands out for actually blogging from digs on occasion. He is a college professor and an archaeologist who teaches at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can also read more about his Hamline Village History Project.
Top Archeologist Group Bloggers Two or more archaeologists/bloggers team up to write these blogs.
    36. Past Horizons The archaeology podcasts alone are worth the visit to this site. Visitors can also get a world projects guide, heritage videos, and even archaeology tools. There are also blog entries on news, opinions, and everything in between. 37. Archaeolog Get a group blog from the experts at Stanford University. What the school is up to, as well as other archaeological related thoughts, are shared. A recent entry was on archaeology in the mobile world. 38. Archaeology Daily News In operation since 2008, they have regular updates on the world of archaeology. With over 5,000 entries since then, make time for this blog. Most viewed include fossil genome and Sherwood Forest. 39. Stone Pages Get the latest archaeological news here. Meetings, digs, and discoveries are all discussed. They even offer an iPhone app. 40. Archaeology Webring Get all the archaeology blogs on one place here. Over 50 members post on everything that interests them. This includes sites belonging to associations or foundations which perform or describe archaeological excavations and academics and advanced studies of the science. 41. Bad Archaeology What’s the worst that can happen when archaeology goes wrong? Stop here to find out. A group of bloggers explore the diversity of archaeological misconceptions, mistakes, and distortions. 42. Heritage Key A team of bloggers write about ancient cultures and their way of life here. In addition to the blogs, you can view videos, get an archaeology directory, quizzes, and more. Hot topics include why Socrates is still relevant today and the Roman Ninth Legion. 43. Archaeo Seek Get a whole archaeology blogging community by stopping here. Visitors can stop by to read blogs, or even create their own. Members can also share photos, information, and even join in forums.
Top Related Archeologist Bloggers These blogs are about archaeology and at least one other related subject.
    44. Human Rights Archaeology Learn what archaeology has in common with human rights on this blog. It is written by a researcher from London who studied cultural heritage. Blog posts are usually on the latest archaeological findings around the world. 45. Theoretical Structural Archaeology Geoff Carter is also from the UK. He focuses his blog on the lost timber built environment of Southern England. How Google Earth has helped archaeology is the subject of one of the latest posts. 46. Archaeopop Get both pop culture and archaeology in this blog. How technology comes into play is often a subject of discussion. The blogger also links to items of interest. 47. The Assemblage Stop here for both politics and archaeology. The blog is a place to highlight and discuss the influence of politics and the media on presentations and perceptions of the past. Cases of inaccuracy, skullduggery, and more are also discussed. 48. Numismatics and Archaeology Ever found an old coin and wondered what it was worth? This blog takes that to a whole new level. Ancient currencies are what this blogger focuses on. 49. Seandalaiocht The title is Irish for archaeology. The blog is dedicated to that science in Ireland, opinions, news, and more. Ancient music was the subject of a current post. 50. A Hot Cup of Joe Archaeology, anthropology, and skepticism all combine on this blog. Joe is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington’s anthropology program and is now studying for a graduate degree. His is especially interested in the Near East around the Pre-Pottery Neolithic.
With loads of entries and thousands of years to focus on, make time for the above top 50 archaeologist bloggers. If having trouble with a term or meaning, check out this guide from It is an archaeological dictionary with a literal A through Z index of popular terms. There are also related educational items if you scroll down.