Meteorology is the study of weather. It shows us what’s coming and when and serves as a guide for natural disasters. In recent years, meteorology has become significant because it shows us the effects of global warming. Scientists and amateurs look to meteorology blogs to gauge what the weather is doing around the world. Top Meteorology Blogs These meteorology blogs will show you how to read weather patterns and make an educated guess when it comes to forecasts.
    1. WKU Meteorology Blog This is one of the most popular meteorology blogs on the web, created by a professor who realized the Internet was a great tool for sharing his knowledge with students and weather addicts. 2. Weather Channel Blog If you’re new to the world of weather, you can learn a ton from this official blog of the Weather Channel. For meteorology students, it’s one of the most visited blogs for studying weather. 3. Emirates Meteorology Blog This weather blog covers weather patterns and forecasts in the UAE and Gulf. 4. Dot Earth Meteorology This blog of the New York Times isn’t updated often, but it has fascinating articles over the weather and meteorology. It tracks global climate changes and the natural disasters it brings. 5. Wunderground This site shows you weather happenings from around the globe and weather news (including major storms and drastic changes in weather) from the States to the Middle East. 6. Scientific American At this science site, you’ll find numerous articles on the weather, meteorology and climate change. It’s a must-read for those who don’t have a formal background in meteorology but like to stay in-the-know on the subject. 7. USA Today – Weather For weather updates throughout the U.S., this is the site to bookmark. It also has a science blog that talks about global warming. 8. The Air Vent This meteorology blog focuses on weather in the United States as well as global warming. It is one of the best blogs for those who have a background in meteorology and know the lingo to keep up with the blogger’s insightful and provocative weather posts. 9. Judith Curry This weather blog has is aimed at science researchers and students. It’s a heavy technical blog with tons of information on climate change and weather forecasts. 10. Bishop Hill At this site you’ll find all of the weather news and happenings that are going on in the scientific community. It has an active community and can teach you a lot about climate change. 11. Watts Up with That Jump right in and start learning nearly everything there is to know about weather with this amazing meteorology site that updates frequently. It’s one of the best sites to learn and keep up with meteorology trends. 12. Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network This is a fantastic weather blog for newbies and students because it gives a brief explanation of scientific and meteorology terms before it delves into the nitty gritty of weather happenings. 13. Pod Weather Listen to podcasts on climate change and meteorology at this website that talks all weather, all of the time. Hardcore science lovers should be warned that there are also psychic and paranormal podcasts periodically featured. 14. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration At this official blog you’ll find charts for tracking climate changes all over the planet and also visit the geophysical data center to see the way the weather is effecting the terrain in some regions. 15. Washington Post – The Capital Weather Gang This blog of the Washington Posts zeroes in on weather in the United States, but also features major weather events occurring globally.
Local and National Meteorology Blogs Get even more familiar with meteorology with the help of these weather blogs that show you weather shifts and changes going on in the U.S. and beyond.
    16. WX Man This weather blog shows seasonal forecasts throughout the U.S., so you know what to prepare for in the coming months. 17. Alabama WX Find out what’s going on in terms of weather in the state of Alabama. It’s a thorough site that will have you excited about the weather, even if it’s bringing sleet or heavy rains. 18. Storm Team The WSEE television station not only gives you a peek at the weather with an on-air five day forecast, they also blog about weather changes in the Pennsylvania area. 19. Weather USA Blog This site doesn’t update as often as it once did, but the archived posts are ideal for learning about weather patterns and how global warming is contributing to drastic weather changes in some areas. 20. Weather Wizard This doctor created this weather blog as a mere hobby, but it’s one of the most comprehensive meteorology blogs for learning about weather from the ground up. 21. Chicago Weather Center Stay in the loop with Chi Town weather and warning updates from this local news station. It also has a neat function where readers can upload their local weather images. 22. Maryland Weather Those in the Maryland area can stay posted on weather updates with this blog penned by a local weather journalist. 23. AccuWeather Blog This is all of your national weather news rolled into one easy-to-read feed that will keep you in-the-know on severe storms, snow, hail and other major weather events. 24. Earth Sky Several scientists pen this blog that talks weather patterns and global warming several times per week. With updates this often, it’s a blog you want to be sure and bookmark, especially if you’re studying meteorology. 25. Hurricane Track Those who live near the Gulf of Mexico should bookmark this site which allows you to track hurricanes from the minute they progress from being a tropical storm. It also provides readers with hurricane preparation tips. 26. Rochester Homepage If you live in or are passing through the Rochester area, this is the site to check for weather updates updated on the hour. 27. Jeff’s Weather Blog This site no longer updates, but at one point, it did focus on New York area weather. Now it’s a great resource for learning about meteorology and global warming since the blogger wrote in simple terms that those with no science background can easily grasp. 28. The Storm Track This weather blog no longer publishes, but the old posts are a brilliant resource for those who need help understanding charts and patterns when tracking weather changes. 29. AccuWeather – Canada Those in the Great White North can keep track of snowstorms and more with this easy-to-read site that updates every half hour. The photo gallery is great for perusing vicious snowstorms from prior years. 30. Philidelphia Weather This Philidelphia-based meteorology site helps those in the area (as well as New Jersey and Delaware) keep up to date with weather changes. If you just want the weather or are a meteorology buff, this site has it all.
Climate Change Blogs Climate change is now a huge part of meteorology. It tracks the way our climate is ever-changing and shows the way weather is making a 180 turn compared to decades past.
    31. Real Climate This is a blog aimed at climate scientists, but for the less-versed in climate change, it works as a great resource for learning about the significant shifts scientists are seeing in our weather. 32. Climate Skeptic This a must-read for those who are new to the climate change debate. It’s penned by a professor whose intention is to present climate data to the everyday person in the most factual way. 33. Bob Tisdale At this site, you’ll find the bloggers opinion on global climate change and the dramatic weather flip-flopping we’re seeing throughout the U.S. 34. Climate Sanity This site doesn’t argue for climate changes due to global warming and instead, uses reasoning for climate shifts due to other changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s a wise blog to read when you want to hear the less talked about side of global warming. 35. Climate Audit If you’re already versed in the climate debate, this site will keep you posted on arguments for and against global warming and the major players who are providing facts on either end of the spectrum. 36. Climate Views Instead of scaring the public into buying hybrid cars and recycling, this site aims to present the facts in a sound manner that allows readers to make an educated decision on the top for themselves. 37. Climate Debate Daily As soon as new studies are conducted or results are presented on the climate debate, information is posted at this frequently updated blog. It has updated for weather all over the world. 38. Yale 360 This blog from Yale University posts updates on climate studies and how the weather is changing drastically based on shifts in the atmosphere. 39. New Scientist – Climate Change This area of the New Scientist website brings you all of the news you need now on climate studies and major changes.
Meteorology and Climate Discussion Boards These meteorology messageboards provide a platform for learning and discussing climate change and natural disasters, as well as the every day weather.
    40. Tropical Weather At this site meteorology students and amateur weather aficionados keep track of tropical storms and hurricanes. 41. Peak Oil – Environment At this messageboard there are many discussions going on over climate change and meteorology trends. 42. Meteorology Forums This forum has plenty of areas where amateurs can learn more about the weather, plus there’s the Ask a Meteorologist section where legit scientists weigh in on questions asked. 43. Topix – Meteorology At this messageboard you’ll find threads about strange weather happenings and ozone and atmospheric changes. 44. Groups RV Meteorology Forum This active forum talks about weather changes and natural disasters. 45. Weather Graphics Forum This new meteorology community is slowly building up and talks about wildfires and hurricanes. 46. Hardcore Weather The members at this site chat about local weather and is packed with images and video footage of scary weather moments. 47. WX Forum This is the messageboard of the WX website and talks about lightning, tropical storms, weather myths and everything in-between. 48. DSL Reports – Weather The well-versed meteorology crowd at this discussion board chat hurricanes and how accurate the average local weather report is. 49. Almanac This messageboard works in conjunction with The Old Farmer’s Almanac website and members study weather patterns and share predictions according to the almanac.
Whether you’re an amateur fan of meteorology or pursuing the subject in college, meteorology blogs, websites and messageboards make it easy to learn more about the subject. There’s a lot to take in, but it’s a topic that’s worth learning about if you’re concerned about the state of the planet. Learning about meteorology through weather blogs will help you better understand the world we’re living in and help you prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados.