Technology has made our world a very different place in a very short span of time; the last few decades have seen many more improvements and innovations than the century before them. Progress is lightning-quick, and thanks to technology, our lives are much easier and more convenient. If you’re still a student, you have a plethora of gadgets and applications to choose from to make studying effortless. However, if you want to take advantage of technology and make the most of it, here’s what you need to do:
  • Buy only what you use: The problem with having too many choices is that you don’t really know which one is right for you. And even after you’ve made a choice, your heart longs for the next cool gadget that hits the market a few months later. However, if you keep spending money on newer gadgets, you’re only going to burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, settle for one or two gadgets that complement each other and which together allow you to study and prepare for classes more easily and in less time. Remember, if you don’t need an application or feature, it’s not really necessary no matter how cool it seems.
  • Don’t let technology steal your time: Sure technology helps save time; however, it is also the biggest time stealer there is. You tell yourself you’re going to stop after one more game, one more status message, and one more email check; however, it’s hard to stop once you’re completely immersed in technology and forget the world around you. So in order to get the best out of technology, don’t let it steal your most precious asset, your time.
  • Don’t depend on it completely: While it’s good to depend on technology for most of your tasks and needs, don’t lose your brain just because technology seems to have one. We’re all so used to looking at contact lists for phone numbers that we normally would remember before cell phones came along; we now depend on calendar applications to remind us not just of appointments, but also birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones; and we are so addicted to our phones and other gadgets that we lose track of real life. When you depend on technology completely, you not only stop using your brain, you also risk forgetting basic social skills.
  • Don’t misuse it: Technology is powerful, so much so that it can even destroy you if you’re not careful. We’ve all heard stories of students losing out on potential job opportunities because they posted inappropriate content on the web, either on their blogs or their social networks. We’ve also heard what happens to hackers and others who use their knowledge of technology to steal and misrepresent information. And we know how addictive technology can become if not used judiciously. So take care not to abuse or misuse technology, and watch it reap rich rewards in your personal and professional life.