If you live in the United States and go hunting, chances are deer is your subject. With different varieties all across the country, it can be difficult to prepare for that next hunt. Those embarking on their first can also experience loads of trouble. Walk a few steps in the boots of hunters who have already done it with a trip to the internet. Below, we have collected the top 50 deer hunting blogs that can help everyone from the beginner to hunters with decades of experience. They are authored by professional hunters, those with varying hunting styles, and even a few ladies chime in. Top Deer Hunting Blogs by a Group These group blogs take on deer hunting and/or blogging as a team.
  1. Wired to Hunt Deer hunting, news, stories, and strategies are featured for the next generation here. There is a Video of the Day with loads of tips. You can also get the virtues of responsible hunting in addition to regular blog entries.
  2. Whitetail 365 Scott and Dave author this expert blog from Field and Stream. Everything from ammunition to venison is blogged about. The site also has many other specialty hunting blogs.
  3. Whitetail Deer Stop here to read what the experts at Outdoor Life have to say about deer hunting. They have hundreds of photos, videos, and even answers to reader’s questions to help. There are also loads of other options for the outdoorsman at the site.
  4. Hunting Life The team here offers loads of tips for the hunter and is currently on #161. They also have reviews, a gallery, community, and more. Most popular items include a coyote call and how to sharpen knives in the field.
  5. Huntography Click here for whitetail deer hunting documentaries. You can choose by state, or check out the blog. There are also other videos and photos to help.
  6. Deer Camp Blog Stop here for the outdoor column of The Bodock Times. Hunting at the plantation on the edge of the Mississippi Delta is often shared. Happenings and tips for your own hunting are also featured.
  7. Outdoors International Blog They are booking agents representing international hunting outfitters. With several blogs to choose from you can get the latest in hunting news, as well as tips. There are also videos and other sections on types of hunts.
  8. Big Buck Zone Finally, if you hunt the biggest deer out there, this is the blog for you. It features the best in deer stories, tips, gear, and photos.
Top Deer Hunting Blogs by an Individual These single bloggers have loads more to say about deer hunting.
  1. Deer Hunting Big Bucks Adam is an army veteran and a member of the National Rifle Association, Quality Deer Management Association, and The Pope and Young Club. He also thinks the whitetail deer is the most beautiful animal on Earth. He recently wrote about the end of deer season.
  2. Whitetail Woods Rick lives in the Northeast corner of Connecticut. He is an avid outdoorsmen and passionate about whitetail deer hunting. A recent entry was on dressing for the cold.
  3. Montana Elk Hunting If you live in this state, elk hunting is the next best thing to deer hunting. Dennis includes the finer points of the sport. He also adds outdoor tips and even some humor.
  4. Long Ridge Deer Camp Jack is an avid conservationist and hunter. His blog shares thoughts on the New England camp that caters to him. Plans for the off season were recently discussed.
  5. Mike Hanback’s Big Deer He has been hunting since age five and was the Whitetail Deer Editor for “Outdoor Life.” In November of 2010, he shot a 209 inch non-typical deer in Saskatchewan. Read and learn how with a visit.
  6. Outdoors with Othmar Vohringer He is an outdoor writer whose regular columns appear in the Merritt News and others. Othmar is also a professional animal behaviorist for over 30 years and regarded as one of the top experts in the field. Learn how to think like a deer and other animals with a read here.
  7. The Buck Hunters Blog He has been deer hunting for over 25 years and uses everything from rifles to pistols on the hunt. In addition to the blog entries, he also links to many of his published articles as well as most popular entries.
Top Bowhunting Deer Hunting Blogs Hunt deer the way our ancestors did with the help of these blogs.
  1. Bowhunting The Bowhunting.com staff is made up of “Average Joe”bowhunters from around the country who are serious about their craft. Keep up to date with them as they work year-round at pursuing their passion and bring you the most up-to-date information on bowhunting gear and archery equipment. There are also forums with more.
  2. Bowhunting Another blog from Outdoor Life, this one focuses on the art of bowhunting. Sponsored by Mission, they often have many contests and giveaways of their products. Current popular articles are on hot new gear and The Bow Girl.
  3. Base Camp Legends This blog is “where legends begin.” Many hunting stories and pictures are shared here. Choose from just the bowhunting ones or several other categories.
  4. Fall Road Archer Bill roams the woods and hollow of Pennsylvania. His blog is a journal of outdoor adventures and all Mother Nature has to offer. He often uses pictures of his own taking, which are definitely worth a look.
  5. Mostly Archery This group actually does African Archery Safaris. However, you don’t have to go to one to read all about it. They also have loads of gear recommendations.
  6. Winded Bowhunter Rudy provides updates on conservation, environmental issues, hunting updates, gear reviews, family, other related outdoor information, and stories of his own personal adventures. He now bow hunts in Virginia and hunts everything from small game to predators. Recommended gear for the hunt is also included.
  7. The A to Z of Archery This blog is part of Stick ‘em Archery. It contains resources for bowhunting experts, as well as archery tips. The best hunt the blogger ever had was the topic of a recent post.
  8. Reality Bowhunting TV Blog Visit here for the official blog of Team RBTV. In addition to reading the blog, you can also check out some of their shows. Other topics include events, information, and product reviews.
  9. NY Bowhunter This blog is built around a passion for bowhunting throughout the state of New York. They are one of the most comprehensive resources for everything from bowhunting whitetail deer and black bear to the latest news in hunting legislation and activism in New York. If you don’t think there are deer for the hunting on Staten Island, visit here.
Top Deer Hunting Views Blogs Get more on the current and future state of deer hunting by checking out these blogs.
  1. Grow the Hunt Moultrie Feeders is an industry leader in game management products and brings you this blog. It is dedicated to game management and hunting. Recommended readings include deer calling tips and state deer feeder laws.
  2. Hunt Kentucky Although “GMo”focuses on his home state of Kentucky, you don’t have to live there to appreciate the blog. He includes hunting news, views, and pictures in the blog. Check out the Versus Country videos for more.
  3. Prairie State Outdoors Get another local hunting blog, this time from Illinois, here. It features items on hunting, fishing, and big game. There is also Big Buck Stories with loads more for the deer hunter.
  4. A Mindful Carnivore Tovar shares the story of a vegan turned hunter in this blog. His efforts to get back to nature are well chronicled. Popular posts include hunters ruining the hunt and “I Could Definitely Kill One of Those.”
  5. HORN Outdoors Industry news, updates, listings, and much more are all on this blog. You can even get an Outdoor TV link with much more. Deer hunting entries are often offered, in addition to many others on hunting and fishing.
  6. Hodgeman’s Thoughts on the Great Outdoors He shares random musings on his favorite pastime. His better half gets credit for all the amazing photos. One of his latest posts was on recruiting the next hunting generation.
  7. About Hunting Russ Chastain features both hunting and shooting guides on the blog. Must reads include the top bolt action deer hunting rifles and the best hunting gun for you. There are even hunting mishaps to help you know what not to do.
  8. The Conservationist This blogger believes in “standing up for our right to the outdoors.” Part of Field and Stream, they blog on everything from bass fishing to survival. A recent entry was a response to a Congressman.
  9. The Hunting Wire Hunting news by and for hunters is featured here. Headlines are shared, along with useful links. One of the latest entries took a look at a new Ruger rifle.
  10. Hunting Memories What is the future without the past? This blog collects the stories of hunts that were. Discontinued in 2009, there are still good reads.
Top Deer Hunting Blogs by a Woman Because men aren’t the only ones that can deer hunt, check out these blogs by ladies.
  1. Women’s Hunting Journal This blog is about all types of hunting, from waterfowl to upland to big game hunting. This journal is dedicated to those adventurous individuals who live to hunt and be in wild places. Stop by to get tips, interviews, reviews, and even game recipes.
  2. I Don’t Wear Pink Camo the Woods Kari Murray is a wife, mother, and self-proclaimed huntress extraordinaire. While she began hunting with a shotgun, she has now moved onto archery. Stop by to see her latest catch.
  3. Scent Free Lip Gloss Emily began a love of deer hunting after getting married. The importance of dressing and accessorizing correctly is also discussed. You can even get a special section on “DIY Tude.”
  4. The Hunter’s Wife Jody is a city girl with painted nails in borrowed camouflage married to an all around outdoors guy. Her blog includes hunting, fishing, and outdoor humor. One of the latest posts was on how sitting on the couch can be dangerous.
  5. Women’s Outdoor News Choose from a variety of outdoor blogs on this women’s network. Camo Mom, Babbs in the Woods, and In My Sights are all worth a look. There are also many other items on the main site.
  6. Annie Got Her Gun Annie and her husband own the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training and Big Timber South Taxidermy Studio in Canon City, Colorado. She writes about women in hunting, taxidermy, and hunting related issues. Categories on the blog range from Awesome Product of the Week to Shot Show Quick Draws.
  7. Camp Wild Girls Terri Lee Pocernich grew up in Northern Wisconsin hunting and fishing. She is an avid whitetail hunter having hunted deer during rifle season since age ten and more recently with a bow. A recent entry discussed her grandpa’s hunting legacy.
  8. A Fist Full of Arrows After years of hunting with rifles, this blogger decided to move on to something more challenging. After hearing a podcast on the subject, she moved onto to bowhunting and shares all about it here. Carrie also discusses photography, the outdoors, and other related items.
  9. The White Tailed Doe Laura went on her first hunting trip three years ago and has been hooked ever since. After receiving archery lessons, she took to hunting that way. Now she combines both in her blog as she finds her way through the complex world of hunting.
  10. Deer Passion She is a small town girl from central Kansas. Pictures of her surroundings are often included. Popular posts on the blog include “6 Fashion Tips for Hunting”and “5 Good Reasons to Reload.”
Top Other Deer Hunting Blogs These deer hunting blogs fall into a category of their own.
  1. Hunting Reviews Get reviews for all sorts of deer hunting gear here. Larry and Jason hunt just about everything from turkey to big bucks. Items reviewed include guns, calls, decoys, stands, leases, scents, and many others.
  2. Pursuit Hunting Never heard of this type of deer hunting? Then click on this blog for an introduction and tips on it. The Scouting 101 articles are also not to be missed.
  3. Marian’s Hunting Stories For being an active senior, grandmother, and deer hunter, Marian’s blog stands out. In it, she shares stories of hunting experiences with three generations. Other items that interest her also make the cut.
  4. Low Country Hunting If deer hunting in low country, this is the blog for you. They share successful experiences, along with tips for skinning, lodging, and the best of. Other types of hunting are also discussed.
  5. From the Stand He is a freelance videographer from North Carolina. His job is to actually travel the world filming hunts for outdoors television. See how and what with a visit to the blog.
  6. HuntingNet Finally, if the above aren’t enough for you, stop here. This giant online community is for and by hunters. Visit to read or start a journal, check out news, reviews, and much more.
If the above top 50 deer hunting blogs aren’t enough for you, try a site like Deer.com. It contains all sorts of guides on how to hunt, including videos. Tips on hunting whitetail deer, bowhunting, and much more are all shared.